The African Secrets buys its raw Moringa from local African farmers, the whole supply chain is controlled and supervised by local team to ensure that we deliver to our clients the finest quality. The finished product is hand-made, packaged and sold in Canada and USA market. Our customers are primary health conscious individuals looking for superfood to complete their daily diet. Our target market is:

  • People suffering from allergies and digestions related issues
  • Vegan
  • Weight loss institute
  • Fitness
  • Healthy foods and wellness stores
  • Individual suffering from mal-nutrition, indigestions and insomnia
  • People suffering from critical diseases (diabetes, cancer,) fatigue, hyper-tension

The final products are suitable for sale and exportation in various countries where there is a demand. For the next 3 years, we will focus our production on the listed items:

Super Foods and health supplements

  • Moringa Oliefera powder
  • Moringa food supplements in Capsules
  • Moringa plus (powder and capsule)
  • Moringa Tisane
  • Moringa protein bits
  • Moringa health-break (our protein bar)

Cosmetics /skin care

  • African Black soap
  • Exfoliating Body wash
  • Facial toning lotion
  • Moisturizing Face Lotion


African Secrets deal exclusively with Moringa Oleifera Powder from Africa one hundred percent organic from local farmers. The leaves are purchases directly from the growers, transformed by local producers then conditioned and packaged in Canada.